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How Do I Make $$$$ By Writing Product Reviews?
How Do I Make $$$$ By Writing Product Reviews?

Love our Products? Share a Review!

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Love our products? Do tell! We'd love to know what you think of the products you've purchased.

At Kootenay Botanicals, we appreciate the feedback and insight of our customers. To show our gratitude, we offer points for eligible reviews!

Share your reviews and opinions and help us expand our community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Here are all the places you can share reviews and their associated points:

*Please post everywhere you'd like and send us the review with the most engagement because only one review per product is eligible for points.

Screenshot and/or link to your review posts and complete this form to claim your store credit - Click Here For Form


Join #teamcraft and become a part of a community of cannabis enthusiasts that care about quality and sharing awesome cannabis products with one another.

*Disclaimer: The material and information contained on this page is for general information purposes only. All information, links, or other messages in regards to this program are subject to change at any time without prior notice. In particular, Kootenay Botanicals is not obligated to remove any outdated information from its website or to expressly mark it as being outdated.

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