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What if I want a refund?
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Experiencing issues with a product received? Let us know and we will be happy to work towards a resolution with you! You can request a refund for the product(s) in question.

Requesting a refund is easy. Simply log in to your account, go to your order history, locate the item(s) you want to request a refund for, and click on "Ask for a Refund."

You will be asked to provide a reason for your request and a description of the issue. If applicable, including a photo or video of the issue can help expedite the process.

Your refund request will be submitted and an agent will follow up with you once a decision has been made.

To check on the status of your refund request, click on My Refund Requests under My Account. The request will either be approved or rejected -- if the status is in processing, or on hold, that means a decision has not yet been taken.

Refund requests are handled via a ticketing system, and dealt with in the order that they are received. Refund requests are handled within 24-48 hours of submission.

When making a refund request, please be aware that it is our customer service team's decision to determine if it is eligible for a refund based on our policies. Refunds can only be approved for items that are deemed defective, damaged, or lost.

Please note: We do not provide returns or exchanges, nor do we offer cash refunds of any kind.

You can check in with an agent through our live chat, or give us a call at +1 833-596-1040 with any questions!

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