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Cannabis Flower: How to Store Cannabis & Keep It Fresh
Cannabis Flower: How to Store Cannabis & Keep It Fresh
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How to Preserve Weed and Keep it Fresh

Knowing how to keep cannabis fresh is more of an art than using sandwich bags. While there is no fixed expiration date for cannabis, here are a few things to consider when storing it for long periods.


In the same manner that harsh ultraviolet rays make paint fade over time, constant light exposure burns the cannabinoid and terpene compounds in your cannabis plant and buds. Seasoned cannabis enthusiasts keep weed in opaque containers, away from any direct light sources.


Oxygen is another significant factor that affects the shelf life of cannabis. Too much oxygen speeds up decomposition, while too little encourages the growth of mould and mildew. Vacuum-sealing is often the most effective solution, but airtight jars and containers are the next best thing.

The container for your cannabis should also be the right size. Even without air circulating inside of it, a container that’s too large may store too much oxygen and facilitate the deterioration of the contents quickly.

A container that’s too small may result in too much humidity entering the substance and quickly result in mouldy buds. Ideally, you should store your cannabis in containers with not much room to spare but without overcrowding.


Moulds and mildew thrive heartily on humidity, but this is not the only threat to your high. Buds that are too dry may also cause terpenes and cannabinoids to break down faster, diluting the results.

Cannabis should be stored between 59 and 63 RH.

To maintain this balance, we recommend using humidifier packs, like Boveda or Integra. These packs are designed to absorb and discharge moisture based on the humidity in the air, keeping the containment at optimum levels.

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