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Cannabis Flower: The Basics
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As the name suggests, a cannabis flower is the flowering part of the cannabis plant. The female flower produces higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids than other parts of the plant. The grown “flowers” are picked, cured, and trimmed to bring you a finished, beautiful bud.

Benefits of Cannabis Flower:

Ingesting cannabis flowers is one of the best ways to get the full effects of cannabis into your system. You’ll start feeling its effects a few minutes after consuming your first dose of cannabis flower.

How to Use Cannabis Flower:

Most cannabis flower consumers prefer smoking it. Inhaling the flower allows cannabis to get into your bloodstream quickly. Then the blood vessels in your lungs transport it directly to your brain. You can feel the effects of inhaled cannabis within 30 seconds to three minutes.

There are several ways of smoking cannabis, but the most common ways are to use pipes, bongs, or joints.

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