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Cannabis Concentrates: Intro to Shatter
Cannabis Concentrates: Intro to Shatter
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Shatter is a cannabis extract with a solid yet brittle consistency. Though translucent, shatter can range in colour from dark yellow to amber to olive oil, and different shatter can vary from glass-like to snap-and-pull in consistency.

Shatter gets its name from its ability to break like broken glass. It requires long, delicate purging cycles to remove all solvents used in the manufacturing process.

Kootenay Botanicals carries many premium-grade shatter products and other concentrates like hash, cannabis oil, distillate, and wax.

Benefits of Shatter:

The main benefit of using shatter is how fast it kicks in when you dab it, triggering an almost instantaneous effect. Shatter is a potent extract that ranges between 50% and 90% THC, which means that users don’t need to use a lot of it or inhale the vapor for long to get high.

Shatter offers more potent and terpene-rich flavors and aromas than smoking flower, and it’s easy to handle while dabbing. Not only does it work fast, you get to enjoy cannabis concentrates without having to smoke it. With this in mind, you may also like our THC Vape Pens.

How to Use Shatter:

Simply dab it the way you would other cannabis concentrates.

To start dabbing, preheat the nail with a propane or butane torch until you attain the optimum temperature. Drop a small portion of the concentrate to the nail using the tapered end of your dabber. The shatter will vaporize the moment it comes into contact with the hot nail. Cover the nail with a cap to capture the vapor then inhale it at the other end of the rig.

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